Will the infernal be fed with Oleander, Corn Spike or Purulence according to Quran?

Will the infernal be fed with Oleander, Corn Spike or Purulence according to Quran– They will eat nothing but corn spike. (Gashiye Surah 6. verse)

– The only food is purulence. (Hakka surah 36. verse)

– The oleander is the food of sinners for sure. (Duhan surah 43-44. verses )

3 different foods are mentioned in 3 verses. Isn’t there contradiction in these verses?

The claim of atheists:

Will the infernal eat oleander, corn spike (both are different plants) or purulence? If Quran mentions three different foods regarding people who go to the same place, then there must be a contradiction between those verses.


Another trick of people who helplessly search for contradictions in Quran… Such claims result from insincere minds if not due to lack of information. Definitely there is no any contradiction in these verses. The conditions should be completely same to deem something as contradiction. Is it stated that those 3 different foods are for the same people?

Allah says the following in the 44th verse of Hicr Surah: ”The hell has seven doors. Each group enters from a door.”


Not every infernal goes to the same place in hell. The person is sent to a specific area in hell according to his sin. For instance hypocrites go to the lowest floor of hell.


”for sure hypocrites are in the lowest floor of hell.” (Nisa surah 145)


What differentiates the floors from each other? The punishments. A different punishment means a different “food”. How can they claim that there is contradiction between these verses while the punishments in each floor of the hell are not same?


It is wrong to assume that each person in hell receives the same punishment. While this situation is obvious in the verses of Quran, such claims result from insincere and helpless denigration efforts. It is very obvious that Quran is the word of Allah.