Why does Allah swear in Quran?

There is no contradiction in Quran

Why does Allah swear in Quran

We see in Quran that Allah swears on different occasions, o various concepts and incidents. Some atheists and non-Muslims bring up this subject in virtual discussion platforms and claim that swearing is an act done by human beings and not by Allah…

Even in various social media forums and discussion platforms some people who are prejudicial or not aware of this subject share some caps they prepared previously about this subject and claim that there is contradiction in Quran..

Then what is the reality?… Let us check it…….

You may see in various verses of Quran that Allah swears on his almighty name (Hicr, 15/92); his prophets (Yasin, 36/1), the places where prophets lived or revelations have arrived (Tur, 52/1-3; Bedel, 90/1), the angels (Saffat, 37/1; Naziat, 79/1-2), Quran (Vakia, 56/77; Tur, 52/2), the Judgment Day (Kiyamet, 75/1), the important properties that exist in universe such as pencil (Kalem, 68/1), the sky (Buruc, 85/1; Tarik, 86/1), the sun (Sems, 91/1), the moon (Sems, 91/2), the night (Leyl, 92/1), the morning (Fecr, 89/1), the mid-morning (Duha, 93/1), the time (Asr, 103/1), the star (Necm, 53/1), the wind (Zariyat, 51/1) and the plants (Tin, 95/1).
The function of swearing in Arabic is not just convincing just as in Turkish. Swear is used in Arabic to draw attention too. The reason that Allah frequently swears in Quran is to draw attention. Not to convince people as claimed. This would be nonsense since it is not expected from us in Quran to have blind confidence. Contrary to expecting people to believe the verses by swearing, it is ordered to us in many verses to think and inquire, so this argument is very nonsense and a result of prejudiced ignorance. Swear is also used to draw attention. For instance in 1st verse of Necm Surah it says “swear to the stars”. This expression means “pay attention to the important thing (the star)”. Its function is not to convince here just as used in Turkish.
The swearing is used to draw attention in the 5th verse of Fecr Surah as well. “There is a swear in this for those who think”. It is very obvious that the word swear in this verse means sign. It is wrong to take it with its meaning in Turkish. We see in Adiyat Surah that it is used to draw attention on what is coming in the following part of the surah.

Result :

As you see this claim is nothing but distortion. There are differences in the meaning between Arabic and Turkish. While swearing is used in Turkish just for convincing, it is used in Arabic to draw attention too. Allah swears whenever he wants to draw attention.

In order to make people believe in his verses, strengthen the messages he gives, encourage thinking over important facts, remind the important blessings, convince people that Quran, the messages in Quran, the judgment day, eternity, resurrection after death, the heaven and hell are true and to eliminate the doubts in the people, Allah has supported his verses with swears.

Analyzing an Arabic text with the logic of Turkish and in a prejudiced and ignorant manner and saying “hey I found a contradiction here!” is humiliating and difficult situation for the claimant.

So there is no any contradiction in Quran. That who thinks he found a mistake should review his situation……..