Why do animal and fruit names not belonging to the Arabian geography doesn’t indicated in the Qur’an?

Another claim that serves an example for some insincere claims of people who search for contradiction in Allah’s word Qur’an, even regarding the simplest subjects… “The Qur’an really speaks only of the animals found in the Arabian lands, and only the plants and fruits that grow in that geography.”

Some of the animals mentioned in the Qur’an are mentioned to depict haram (such as pigs), some used to characterize some of the ugly behaviors of human beings (such as donkeys, dogs and crows) and others (such as camels, flies, mosquitoes and spiders) to contemplate verses of Allah and some others (like horses) mentioned to praise animals.

Some of the Qur’an’s surah bears animal names:

Bakara (cov) surah,

Nahl (bee) surah,

Ankebût (spider) surah,

Neml (ant) surah,

Fil (Elephant) surah.

These surahs take their names because of what they contain. For example, the name of the Bakara surah came from the cow butchered by Israelites. En’âm name of the En’âm in the surah; means sheep, goats, camels, cattle, and buffalo together.

Foods known in the Arabian lands such as figs, grapes, pomegranates, dates, olives, honey, onions, garlic, gherkin, etc. have also been used in various Qur’anic verses and examples for various topics…

So, what is the question of those who seek contradiction in the Qur’an?…

Why are the animals and food names already known in the geographical region in which Arabs live are written already in the Qur’an, but fruits such as melons, watermelon, etc., unknown in that geography, or animal names such as whales or penguins wasn’t written in it?

The answer to that question is…

This is not really a reasonable and sincere question. It is known that during the time of Prophet Muhammad he frequently traveled with caravans out of Mecca for commercial purposes and traveled to different geographies. If the Qur’an had unknown animal and plant names in the Arabian geography, it would be exposed to the slander that the Prophet wrote these names which he saw in places he went and he heard from other merchants in the Qur’an, thus have a privileged place within the Arabs by this information. It is also clear that this information will cause confusion among the Arabs to which they are informed in the first place …

If animal and plant names which are absent from the Arabic geography is a subject of a contradiction or a problem not the contrary. So this question is a question that confusion oriented, far from any basis and unreasonable. There is no contradiction in the Book that Allah has sent.

If the contrary was written in Qur’an, you can be sure that those persons who asks this insincere question would ask; why would the people in Arabia know foods like watermelon, cantaloupe, animals like whale or penguin? Should there be examples of animals known by all people in both at the time and in the future?

Qur’an is a divine revelation and all living creatures in Qur’an are the living creatures that are known by men at the time and will be known until the doomsday and they are almost unlikely to be extinct. That’s the rational thing…