Why didn’t Allah send a female prophet?


kadın-peygamberOne of the questions that the atheists ask mostly is why there is no female prophet in Islam. Since there is no a female prophet, they claim that Islam does not treat the women and men equally.

The prophets come to inform people about the true religion. Their duty is to return the religion conveyed by the previous prophets but falsified by the polytheists to its original form. Polytheists are the most offensive enemies of the prophets during teaching people the religion. The religion of the polytheists is not the true religion based on revelation. It is a traditional religion based on presumptions. Allah says “within the people, the most offensive enemies of the believers are the Jews and polytheists” (Maide Surah, 82)
In another verse He says “Allah expels the attacks and hidden catches of the polytheists from the believers. Allah really does not like the betrayer and ungrateful” (Hac Surah, 38). So he notifies that the polytheists are betrayer and ungrateful people who attack by hidden catches. Another feature of the polytheists is that they harass the believers by insulting words. “…you will hear very insulting words from the polytheists…” (Ali Imran Surah, 186)
So prophecy is not an easy duty. They are exposed to psychological war methods such as insult, pressure and threats while explaining Islam to the people. “Those deniers, when they hear the Quran, they almost get you down with their eyes and say ‘He is really crazy’” (Kalem Surah, 51) They blamed tall of the prophets saying “They said: You are under a spell” (Suara Surah, 153)


The prophets may also have to fight physically besides the psychological struggle. It is said in a verse “…those who kill the prophets unjustly and kill the people who establish justice…” (Ali Imran Surah, 3-21). The life and properties of the prophet are always in danger. For instance in the 24th verse of Ankebut Surah the people of Prophet Ibrahim decide to kill him or put him in fire. “The answer of his people to Ibrahim was: Kill him, or burn! But Allah saved him from the fire” (Ankebut Surah, 24).
I mentioned just a couple of verses that explain the difficulties faced by the prophets. Hundreds of verses mention about the prophets denigrated by being lewd, lunatic and under spell and the insults and attacks they faced. Therefore the fact that Allah did not burden the women with the duty of prophecy is due to His mercy towards them and aim of protection. The women are always protected in Quran.



“Just as the men have their shares from what they earn, the women also have their shears from what they earn” (Nisa Surah, 32) “The men are responsible of earning a living for the family” (Nisa Surah, 34) As mentioned in the verses, the women may also work and earn… But the men are responsible of earning a living for the family. The women are protected in every environment where they are exposed to psychological and physical pressure. If Allah had burdened women with such a difficult duty, then the atheists would say “how come women are burdened with such duty instead of men”. The denial has no limits.
In the documentary called ‘Body Language” featured in History Channel, the effects of male and female politicians on the people are explained scientifically. The researches made by scientists show that the female sound affects the part of men’s brain in charge of emotions. Therefore men think that women are emotional whenever they talk. The women affect other women only by their speeches. But men affect both other men and women by their speeches. So men are more effective scientifically in explaining anything to people. This fact proves that Quran is the Right Book sent by Allah who knows everything.

“We did not send men (prophets) other than those to whom we inspired before you. If you do not know, ask to the people of dhikr” (Nahl Surah, 43)