Why are some characters in Quran compared to animal behaviors? Isn’t this an insult?

Why are some characters in Quran compared to animal behaviors Isn’t this an insultSome human characters in Quran are mentioned by being compared to animal characters. The atheists claim that this is an ‘’insult’’ and make some negative comments as a result of it. Is it really like this in reality? Let us check the relevant verses together.

A way to understand human behavior is observing the animal behaviors. People try to express some of their negative behaviors or personal features by comparing them to animal behaviors. This effective way of the human to express has been used by Allah in Quran.

We will take the verses in which the human is compared to monkey as inferiority complex, demand of superiority and stinginess; the verses in which the human is compared to donkey as lack of comprehension, unconformity of information and behavior and immoderation in communication; the verses in which the human is compared to dog as greediness of the human being and the problems arising from it.

Allah criticizes in Quran the mentality of not minding lawful and unlawful acts, not equally sharing the blessings. He compares those who are acquisitive, behave as if they will take their properties to their grave, dominate with the power of their wealth, boast with their money and wealth, think they are valuable because of their wealth and become slaves of money as; Greedy wicked monkeys and pigs ( Bakara 65, A’raf 166, Maide 60. verses)

All of the prohibitions in Quran are spiritual education to improve self-denial in the human being. The persons mentioned in the relevant verses have not found the right path because of their insatiability, greed and cupidity. Their minds stopped working, conscience rusted and hearts blackened. They conflicted with the promise they gave. They breached their laws for their personal benefits. Those who could not control their passion and greed were perished because of their ‘’monkey appetite’’. They were behaving just like a monkey. They were the first to breach their laws for their own benefits.

Behaving like a monkey or pig is related with getting indulged in the properties of the world, not knowing what satisfaction is and demanding more and more, committing sins, tending to unlawful acts and stinginess. Such greedy people are called ‘’wicked monkeys and donkeys’’. There an effective way of expression in this term, not insult.
Quran compares those who become slaves to powerful and wealthy people and do whatever they say to: Dogs that breathe by suspending their tongues down. (Araf Surah 176 )

The Prophet says to the polytheists in Mecca who are wealthy, powerful and spoiled: The property belongs to Allah! So everything in the nature is the common property of humanity. You just get a share against your effort (Nisa Surah 32), you should share the rest with those who are in need. Allah says the following in the 10th verse of Fussilet Surah:

He created stable mountains on the earth, created blessings in it and determined the blessings there in four days on condition that are EQUALLY SHARED for those who ask for.

The polytheists in Mecca asked the Prophet to bring from Allah pages special to them (Isra Surah 91-93). They deny reminding and warnings. But things have changed when the Prophet and his friends revealed their unjust and cruel acts and stood against them depending on Allah, they look at them as if they will get them down by their eyes and get afraid of the steady stand of the believers who ‘’are not afraid of the condemnatory’’. Quran compares such characters to; wild asses escaping from lions (Muddessir Surah verses 50-51).

Besides, Quran compares those who do not act according to their knowledge and give advices to other people while they forget themselves to? Donkeys loaded with books (Cuma Surah 5th verse).

Together with all of the matters we have mentioned in this article, it is very meaningful that Quran compares the term of resurrection to ‘’grasshoppers’’.

All of them get out of their graves with their heads down. Just as the grasshoppers. (Kamer Surah 7)

Quran compares people getting out of their graves in the day of resurrection to grasshoppers. But why to grasshoppers? The recent systematic researches made on insects using micro cameras help us in understanding why they are compared to grasshoppers. Grasshoppers burry their eggs into the soil and after the grasshopper larva stay under the soil for a long time, they come up to the surface. Where do they come from? Below the soil… So grasshoppers are like human beings…

Examples are given in Quran so we can get advices. Thinking about these examples will help us understand the beauty of these examples and what Allah means by giving them.

These are our samples we give to the human beings. But just those with knowledge may understand (Ankebut Surah 43)

This universe has an owner and if we live together in this world, then we should know about our responsibilities towards each other. We should prioritize sharing, helping each other, respect and love as a matter of humanity. You may not believe in Allah but you cannot think yourself superior and you cannot victimize or torment anybody by animal characteristics such as stinginess, arrogance etc.