Who are the sons of Prophet Ibrahim?

There is no contradiction in Quran

Who are the sons of Prophet IbrahimHOThose prejudiced people who think that there should be a contradiction in Quran most of the times lose their comprehension ability.

This is why they think there is contradiction between the 71rd verse of Hud Surah and the 39th verse of Ibrahim Surah and it is a subject that any person with average brain and conscience can understand it.

According to the claim it is stated in Hud Surah that Prophet Ibrahim will have two sons called Ishak and Yakub and in Ibrahim Surah it states that he will have two sons called Ismail and Ishak. Atheist claim: the names of Prophet Ibrahim’s sons are written wrong in Quran. Is this claim logical and what is the truth?

First of all let us write the verses and let us check if there is a contradiction between them as claimed:

His wife was standing, so she laughed. We firstly heralded him Ishak, and then Yakub. (Hud Surah 71) Prophet Ibrahim is heralded with two sons in this verse.

Now let us check the verse mentioned in Ibrahim Surah; “Thanks to Allah, He presented me Ismail and Ishak although I am an old man. My God really hears our prayers.” (İbrahim Surah 39) In this verse Prophet Ibrahim thanks Allah for the sons He granted him.

The topic of the first verse is herald while the topic of the second verse is thanking Allah for the sons He granted. The fact that three sons are mentioned in both of the verses is not a contradiction but is a rhetoric (feature-superiority of language). Those who are trying to find a contradiction in Quran are running in circles and they will be disappointed in the eternal life.