Was Pharaoh drowned? Or saved?

Was Pharaoh drowned Or savedOne of the claims put forth against Quran is regarding the drowning of Pharaoh. According to this claim, it is stated in some verses that Pharaoh was drowned while it is mentioned in some others that he was saved. This claim also does not reflect the truth just like the others. Here are the verses regarding this matter:

“You know well that the God of the skies and earth has sent these signs. Pharaoh, I see you as a downfallen person!” When we wanted to erase them from earth we drowned him and his companions in the water. (17 İsra Surah, 102-103)

“Too late! You rebelled before and made troubles. We will preserve your corps today so you become an example to the coming generations. Unfortunately most people do not see our signs.” (10 Yunus Surah, 91-92)

When we look at the verses in Isra Surah we understand that Pharaoh and his companions were drowned together. But in Yunus Surah it is stated that his corps is preserved. The preserved here is not his live body.

Pharaoh who enters to the split off sea while chasing Moses, was drowned when the sea came together. But his corps was not lost at that moment and was preserved. This preserved corps was mummified and protected until today. So there is no any statement in these verses that Pharaoh was preserved alive. There is no any contradiction between the verses.