To how many persons is a Muslim equal? Answer to the contradiction claim in Enfal Surah, 65th and 66th verses

It is stated in two different verses of the Enfal Surah that patient persons are able to defeat different numbers of misbelievers. The claim of contradiction between those two verses arises from the difference between the mentioned rates. But if the verses are read carefully it will be understood that the difference in the rates arise from some differences in the verses. The two verses that are cited as evidence to the claims are as follows:

Prophet, prepare the believers to war and encourage them. If there are twenty patient persons among you, they may defeat two hundred persons. If there are one hundred patient persons among you, they may defeat a thousand of the misbelievers. Because they a society that does not perceive the truth. (8 Enfal Surah – 65)

Allah lessened your burden and knew your weakness. One hundred patient persons from you may defeat two hundred persons from them. One thousand persons from you may defeat two thousand persons from them with the permission of Allah. Allah supports the patient people. (8 Enfal Surah – 66)

You will understand that two different situations are described if you read the verses carefully. It says in the 65th verse that one believer is equal to 10 misbelievers. This rate is valid in case these persons do not have weaknesses. This is also the expression pure belief’s effect on victory. But a different situation is described in the 66th verse for those who have weaknesses. It says that one hundred persons with weaknesses may defeat two hundred persons.

There is any contradiction between those two verses. The situation in the 65th verse is valid for those without weaknesses and the situation in the 66th verse is valid for those who have weaknesses. Another important point in the 66th verse is the word “knew”; it does not mean to know by time via learning just as in Turkish. Allah is not in need to do that. Allah knows everything since the beginning, not throughout a process of learning. Allah knew everything when the human beings were created. He describes the situation of those without weaknesses in the first verse and changes the rate in the second verse because he knows about the weaknesses.