There are no Mathematical Errors in the Verses Related to Inheritance in the Qur’an 

People who are conditioned to find contradiction and error in the word of Allah claims that if the inheritance verses are applied, the remainder inheritance can’t be distributed without error in different virtual environments (every time by setting out from the same example) and they add that supposedly Omer who notice this matter tries to save this situation by AVL-AVLIYE system which was invented by him. I will tell you about my thoughts on this nonsense based on the rumor culture later, but let’s explain this matter now…..

Let us first give a memorized / copied example so that those who do not know can understand.

An example for this matter :………………. Suppose a man died and three daughters, a sister, a mother, a father and a wife was left behind. According to the verses, the sharing of the inheritance will be as follows:

The inheritance will be distributed as 3 daughters 2/3, each of the mother and father 1/6, his wife 1/8 of the inheritance.

If we calculate this mathematically:

It will be 2/3 + 1/6 + 1/6 +1/8 = 27/24 = 1.25. (But the result should have been 1).

This result shows that the rates given in the Qur’an are wrong. Because heritage cannot be distributed to the heirs as 112.5%. A distribution over 100% is impossible.

Let’s explain this with an example:

The following are the heirs who are left behind when a man dies: His wife, three daughters, his mother and father.

The heritage will be distributed as; daughters 2/3, mother 1/6, father 1/6, wife 1/8.

Let’s assume that, after the debts of the deceased are paid, the remaining inheritance is TRY 120.000

120.000 x 2/3 = 80.000 (to 3 daughters)

120.000 x 1/6 = 20.000 (to mother)

120.000 x 1/6 = 20.000 (to father)

TOTAL: TRY 120.000.

As you can see, no share remained to the wife of the man from the inheritance.

If the inheritance is given to wife, she should take 120.000 x 1/8 = 15.000 Turkish liras. Then the inheritance should be 135.000 Turkish Liras. This situation clearly shows that the Qur’anic verse is wrong. (never)…..

RESPONSE : …………………………………………………………

First, let’s write the meanings verses in the Qur’an regarding inheritance distribution….

An-Nisa Surah, verse 11;

God instructs you regarding your children: The male receives the equivalent of the share of two females. If they are daughters, more than two, they get two-thirds of what he leaves. If there is only one, she gets one-half. As for the parents, each gets one-sixth of what he leaves, if he had children. If he had no children, and his parents inherit from him, his mother gets one-third. If he has siblings, his mother gets one-sixth. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. Your parents and your children—you do not know which are closer to you in welfare. This is God’s Law. God is Knowing and Judicious.

An-Nisa Surah, verse 12;

You get one-half of what your wives leave behind, if they had no children. If they had children, you get one-fourth of what they leave. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. They get one-fourth of what you leave behind, if you have no children. If you have children, they get one-eighth of what you leave. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts. If a man or woman leaves neither parents nor children, but has a brother or sister, each of them gets one-sixth. If there are more siblings, they share one-third. After fulfilling any bequest and paying off debts, without any prejudice. This is a will from God. God is Knowing and Clement.

An-Nisa Surah, verse 176;

They ask you for a ruling. Say, “God gives you a ruling concerning the person who has neither parents nor children.” If a man dies, and leaves no children, and he had a sister, she receives one-half of what he leaves. And he inherits from her if she leaves no children. But if there are two sisters, they receive two-thirds of what he leaves. If the siblings are men and women, the male receives the share of two females.” God makes things clear for you, lest you err. God is Aware of everything.

Deductions under the light of these verses;


a)- Allah advises that the male kids should take twice the amount than the female kids. b)- This verse mentions a distribution with no spouses. In other words, it gives information on how to divide heritage when the successors are male, female children and mother and father. c)- When the girls are two or more than two, they have 2/3 of heritage. The father and mother have the remaining 1/3 part of the inheritance, that is, 1/3 to the mother and 1/3 to the father of the remaining amount. Because when there is male kid, successor mother and father could only take 1/6 of the inheritance.


a)- If the woman dies and the male is the inheritor, and if there is no children, and the parents are inheritor too, half of the inheritance belongs to the male. The remaining amount belongs to the children to be distributed among them as described. If there are children, the male takes ¼ of the inheritance and the remaining amount is given to the children, if there are spouse and children, mother and father doesn’t take any inheritance. b)If the husband dies and the wife is alive, and if they haven’t got any children but they got parents, ¼ of the inheritance belongs to the wife and the remaining amount belong to the parents. c) Again, if the spouse dies and the wife is alive, and if the passes husband have children, the wife takes 1/8 of the inheritance and the remaining amount is distributed among the children as described the male children takes twice the amount of the female children. d)- If there is spouse, if there are no children and father, if there are brothers and sisters, 1/6 is distributed to the siblings and 1/6 is distributed to mother and the remaining amount is given to the spouse. e)- If the siblings are multiple males and females, they divide equally by 1/3 of the remaining heritage. 1/6 is given to the mother and remaining amount given to the remaining spouse. The thing that needs to be remembered is that if the inheritor is spouse that doesn’t have kids and father, he has the right on half of the inheritance, if the wife remains, she has the right on ¼ of the inheritance after deducting the will and debts.


a)—If the passed person doesn’t have children, father or spouse, and there is only a sister, ¼ is given to the sister and ½ is given to the mother. b)- If the pied person doesn’t have any sister, there is only mother, the whole inheritance belongs to the mother. c)- If the passed person have two sisters, 2/3 of the inheritance after deducting will and debts belongs to the sisters, remaining 1/3 belongs to the mother. d)- If there are more than two siblings, the brother takes twice the amount of the sister in a ratio of 2/3. Remaining 1/3 belongs to the mother. Again, this are given after deducting will and debts. CONCLUSION : 1- The rightful inheritors of the dead are children, spouses, mother, father and siblings. 2- If there is spouse and children, inheritance is distributed between the wife and the children, 3- If the passed spouse has no father and children, and if he/she only have a mother, the siblings also can take inheritance. 4- If there is father and mother, no children or spouses only mother and father have a right on the inheritance. 5- If the husband dies and there is no child, the woman has the right to inherit ¼ of the inheritance. If they have children, they can receive 1/8 of the inheritance. The remaining amount is distributed between mother and father if there are no children and if any, to children in a ratio that the male children receive twice the amount of the female children. 6- If there is only one mother who has the right to inheritance within these specified inheritors, the mother will have all of the inheritance. If there is only one sister or brother, one brother or sister will have all of the inheritance. 7- When there is no father or spouse and children, only the siblings have a share.

8- When there are no spouses, fathers and children, brothers have twice the share of the sisters. 9- If one of the spouses is alive, the siblings and brothers have 1/6 share of the inheritance provided that the remaining spouse have no children and father. 10- The inheritance must be divided after deducting the will and debts.

Now, let’s look at the famous example;

The inheritance in this example is the subject of an-Nisa Verse 12 as the wife and children of the passed person are alive. In other words, mother and father can’t receive a share from the inheritance of the deceased man. It is distributed among his wife and daughters. 1/8 of his inheritance is given to his wife and 7/8 is shared equally among his daughters. It’s SO EASY to understand this subject.

So, the enemies of traditional ecole and Qur’an who conditioned themselves reached an agreement on the same point again and they are trying to explain this simple situation like it is a complex and erroneous case. However, it is abduction of reason to think that Allah, who have found the mathematics itself, made a mistake in his words……