The woman isn’t created from the rib of the man

The woman isn’t created from the rib of the manThe myth, telling that the woman is created from the “rib“ of the man,CONFLICTS with Quran. This mistake which is based on mythology is tried to be served as a religious truth via incorrect Hadith and epics. Whereas it is very clearly stated in Quran that both genders are created from one soul.

The interpretations written based on sources out of Quran should be amended. The woman has not been created from the rib of the man. Both of them are from the same soul. The Verse states as follows:

O people! Fear and beware the God who created you from one soul, who created your partner from that soul and created many men and women from both of them… (Nisa Surah, 1)

1. yâ eyyuhâ : O
2. en nâsu : People
3. ittekû : Have taqwa
4. rabbe-kum(u) : Your God
5. ellezî : He who
6. halaka-kum : Created you
7. min : … from
8. nefsin : one soul
9. vâhidetin : one
10. ve halaka : created
11. min-hâ : from it
12. zevce-hâ : his partner, wife
13. ve besse : created
14. min-humâ : from them
15. ricâlen : men
16. kesîran : many
17. ve nisâen : women

There are two words here to be considered.

One of them – minhâ : ondan
The other – minhumâ : onlardan

These words (ondan ve onlardan) emphasizes on the SOUL in the first creation.

What is the soul in the first creation?

Allah states in Quran that He created the human from water, soil and mud. The SOUL in the first creation is the status formed after combination of water and minerals in soil. This forms the SOUL.

Let us think that we are going to create a 90 kilograms human being from mud. Let us put 70 kilograms of water and then take the minerals found in the human body from soil and add to the same pot. The water and the mixture that consists of the minerals in soil (soul) will turn into mud.
Now as we created the SOUL we create Adam and from it (minhâ : from it )namely from the same SOUL we create his partner. What do we do then? ( minhumâ : from them) that is to say from the SOUL mixture we create many men and women. So the first man and woman were created from the same mixture. The other men and women were also created from the same mixture.

min : … from
nefsin : a soul
vâhidetin : one

In the Verse the word  ”Nefsi Vahide: has the meaning of first spirit, first living being, first ore”. It is not mentioned about a gender here. But the traditional perception interprets the term Nefsi Vahide as ”Adam”. If it were so, Allah would have clearly stated “created Adam and his partner from him”. Yet no name has been used here and this kind of perception was prevented accordingly. The partner of Adam was created just as he was. The source of which both were created is same.