The « Speech of the Messenger » Expression in Qur’an is not a contradiction

One of the amateurish demagoguery of those who are seeking mistake in the Qur’an is the falsification of the « Speech of the Messenger » expression in Qur’an. Relevant verse is as follows;

It (Qur’an) is the speech of a noble messenger. [Al-Haqqa (69/40]

In fact, it is understood that from this single verse that Qur’an is a speech transferred by a « messenger ». However, let’s take a look to the continuation of this verse.

And it is not the speech of a poet—little do you believe? Nor is it the speech of a soothsayer—little do you take heed. It is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. [Al-Haqqa (69, 41-42-43]

When the verse is examined further, the meaning of the matter that Allah has emphasized is revealed. In the 40th, 41st and 42nd verses, it is explained that the person who conveyed the Qur’an is not a poet or soothsayer, he is a noble messenger and conveyed to the people with his words, in the 43rd verse, it is explained that the source of those words is Allah. In other words, the one who conveys the verses is a messenger, not a poet or soothsayer. The source of the words is Allah.

The fact that the atheist friends’ arguments which they are use continuously are based on such rotten bases is really a bad situation for them. In fact the reason for this is, There are many additions in the which are made up by humans and atheists abroad determines those additions and can criticize both of these books reasonably. However, the atheists in the Muslim Countries realize their « desires » by distorting the verses or evaluating them alone since they can’t find anything to be criticized. Of course, these claims have no validity.