The Moon Cult Claim

The Moon Cult ClaimThe starting point of this cult is some fanatic Christians who want to criticize Islam. These claims are put forward in order to defame the religion of Islam. According to this claim, the term Allah existed before Quran. The Arabs knew Allah before Islam and the name Allah in other terms ‘’El-Ilah’’ was the name of God of Moon. The belief of Islam originated from the Moon Cult. They try to submit some archaeological findings as proofs to make people believe that Islam not one of the divine religions.

All of these claims are explicit perversions. When inspected in detail, it is revealed that these claims are not based on facts. Let us check these claims one by one:
It is not a new finding that Arabs believed in Allah before Islam. The name of our prophet’s father is Abdullah (Slave of Allah). It is mentioned in many verses in Quran that Arabs had the belief of Allah before Islam. One of them is as follows:

You should know; the pure religion is just of Allah’s. Those who believe in other than him say “We worship them in order to get nearer to Allah.” (39 Zumer Surah – 3)

According to this verse we can say that the polytheists in the era of our prophet knew Allah: but they said “We worship the icons to get close to Allah.”. They did not completely deny Allah. They just worshiped some icons instead of him. The belief of Allah comes from other divine religions before Islam. The religion of Ibrahim before Islam was also considered within this context. Even if this religion is degenerated,they succeeded in protecting the original of many of its beliefs and prayers. Therefore even if there was no praying and fasting, there was belief of Allah and pilgrimage before Islam. So Islam did not take these terms and traditions from them but Allah who ordered these applications to the people for the first time amended the wrong applications via Prophet Mohammed.

The archaeological findings that are tried to be submitted as proofs are distorted for this reason. These findings were located in the southern Saudi Arabian region and not around Mecca. They intentionally claim that they were found in northern Saudi Arabia. They do not have any relation with the Arabs living in Mecca region.

The God of Moon is called “Sin” in archaeological findings. There is no any proof supporting that the word Allah (el-ilah) means the God of Moon. But although this fact they still put some pictures and write below them that it comes from God of Moon.

If you investigate the origins of these claims you will find out that they are submitted by fanatic enemies of religion. They claim that the moon symbol in the domes of the mosques are proofs that this religion originates from the Moon cult. This claim has no grounds. The symbol of moon in mosques was not used in the era of our Prophet. It was not used even in the era of Caliphs. The Emevis even did not use it. This application was used by the Turks for the first time, not by the Arabs. When Alpaslan conquered Ani in 1064, he deleted the cross in the dome of the cathedral and put a symbol of moon there after turning it into a mosque.


This application has become a tradition by time. The symbol of moon belongs to the Turks before Islam. The coins found in the most recent archaeological excavations proves that the symbol of moon was used by Turks before Islam and that it is a Turkish Tradition. The coins of Gokturks were found in Kyrgyzstan and those coins had the symbol of moon on them.

The moon calendar of Muslims also does not have any relationship with the moon cult. This was the existing calendar when Islam came and the Muslims used it. The claim that Muslims preferred this calendar later has no any grounds. The most illustrative point about it is the origin of the word ‘’Allah’’. It comes from ‘’El-Ilah’’ and the prefix ‘’El’’ is equivalent to ‘’the’’ in English. So Allah means The God and it is defined. This word does not exist in Arabic only but exist in other languages that are a members of the Sami languages. For instance in Hebrew language the origin of the word God ‘’Elohim’’ is form this origin. Besides, the Aramaic language which was used by Prophet Jesus has the same word just as Ilah in Arabic and is even read in the same way.

This fact proves the claims of the fanatic Christians wrong. If El-Ilah is God of Moon, then Jesus also believed in that God. He used to pray to him with that name. So such a thing is impossible. The Allah Prophet Mohammed prayed to, was same with the one Prophet Jesus prayed. He was the mighty Allah who created everything. Therefore the fanatic Christians in fact are disclaiming their lies unintentionally. Without knowing their religion, what god means in Aramaic language, without knowing the language used by Jesus, they present this claim.

These claims are presented by some fanatic Christians even if their number is very little as mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The independent scientists do not support these claims. The reason that some atheists in Turkey supported this idea is not because it is scientific, but because they want to support any kind of criticism made against Islam. As a result, these claims are absolutely not real. This religion existed on earth since Adam and was taught to the people via its messengers. Allah emphasizes in Quran that People should worship Allah instead of sun or moon:

The day, nigh and moon are his creations. Do not worship the sun or the moon. Worship Allah, because he created them. If you will worship him. (41 Fussilet, 37)