The Claim Of Arab Racism İn Quran

The claim of Arab racism in QuranThe claim that there is Arab racism in Quran is mentioned often. Let us examine this groundless allegation put forward by especially European Orientalists in their texts.

Let us understand the etymologic mean of racism in order to fully understand it. The dictionary explanation of the word racism is as follows:

* The doctrine that degrades the social features of the people into biological and racist features and claims that one race is superior to another.

Updated Turkish dictionary

* The behaviour of despising despising believing that one race or nation is superior to others. Separating the society into two groups and deeming one group dominant and superior while considering the other group degraded.

Dictionary of psychological terms 1974

The important point here that should be taken into consideration is that a race is exalted just for the reason of being from that race and not any other reason or feature. When you ask the evidences of those who bring forward such a sick claim for the book of Allah their answer is a big null. On the contrary, no race has been deemed superior in Quran including the Arab race or any other race. It is very clearly stated that the only degree of superiority is the closeness to Allah.

Hucurat surah 13.verse…

People! We created you from a male and a female and separated you into nations and tribes so that you get introduced to each other. You should know that the most before Allah is that who obeys him the most. Allah knows everything.

While the verse before the one mentioned above starts with the expression ‘’Believers’’, this one starts with ‘’People’’. So the words are directed to all people not only to the believers. All of the people were created from Adam and Eve, same parents. For this reason no race may be considered superior to the other one.

We should take this opportunity to mention about a matter which is widely understood wrong, this matter can also be taken as a Quran miracle……. You will see after a short text study in Quran that the Arab nation to which Prophet Muhammed was sent to inform them about the religion of Islam is mentioned in Quran approximately 9 times as nation or race. If Quran was written by the Prophet just as the Orientalists or nonbelievers claim, he would exalt his race with nice words and charm them to believe in him. But when we look at the verse where the word Arab is mentioned we will see that Allah is warning them with very tough expressions in most of the places. These verse are as follows:


Tevbe 9/90 …………….

Those who made up excuses came to you to get permission. Those who denied Allah and his prophet could do nothing but sit. A very severe punishment awaits the deniers.

Tevbe 9/97………………

Arabs are the limit in denting and hypocrisy. And they are the nearest to know what Allah sent to his Prophet. Allah is very wise.

Tevbe 9/98……………..

Some Arabs deem their helps as a loss fatigue duty and wish disasters for you. The worst disasters are for them. Allah hears and knows everything.

Tevbe 9/99……………..

Some of the Arabs believed in Allah and the Judgement day. They consider what they spend a means to get closer to Allah and support his Prophet. They are really very near to Allah and Allah will reward them. 

Tevbe 9/101…………….

Some Arabs in your city and around you are really hypocrites. They are insolent in hypocrisy. You do not know them but we know them very well. They will be punished twice.

Tevbe 9/120……………..

The people in the city and the Arabs around it should not leave the Prophet alone and they should support him. Every lack of water, fatigue and hunger in the way of Allah will provoke the nonbelievers and each success they get against the enemy will be registered as credit for them. Allah rewards those who behave well for sure.

Ahzab 33/20

They think that the groups did not go. If the groups came back again they would prefer being among the nomad Arabs in the desert and get your news from far distance. They would fight so little even if they were with you.

Fetih 48/11

Those who stayed back from the Arabs will say ‘’Our wealth and children did not let us go, please ask for forgiveness for us’’. Tell them ‘’If Allah decides to benefit or harm you nothing can stop him from doing it’’. Allah knows everything you do.

Fetih 48/16

Tell to those who stayed at the back from the Arabs ‘’You will be called against a very strong group. You will fight them until they surrender. Allah will reward you if you obey. If you turn away from it as you did before Allah will punish you severely’’.

The important point here is that although the word ‘’Arab’’ is mentioned in the original this word was always tried to soften by translating it as ‘’Nomad’’. This is one of the harms given to the religion by sources out of Quran.

So nobody can find even one verse in the book of Allah that supports racism. Besides the fact that racism is not mentioned in Quran, it is a book of love and peace that cures this illness called racism. In the sources out of Quran, especially the untrue Hadith and historical epics, such nonsense matters are attracting the attention because they are not mentioned in Quran. The superiority degree between people is based on closeness to Allah not on racism.

The creation of the skies and lands, the difference between your colours and languages are His evidences. There are signs here for those who understand (Rum Surah, 22)