Response to the Criticism regarding al-Fil Surah; “Can’t Elephants live at Arabia”?

Historical responses to the criticisms regarding al-Fil Surah ;

One of the Qur’an criticism of especially some orientalist ang non-Muslim researchers that doesn’t gain favor is regarding al-Fil Surah. According to these persons; “It is impossible for the al-Fil Surah in the Qur’an to be a historical event. In the desert geography, it is impossible for an animal which must consume 150 kg. plant and water every day to walk from Yemen to Arabia. Moreover, feet structure of these animals are not suitable for them to walk on the sand..”

However, archeological studies carried out in Arabian geography verifies Qur’an regarding this matter. There are studies regarding matters made by serious academic parties. Elephants among the rock pictures found at Necran region of Arabia and which belong to 6th Century refute this prosperous argument.

Figure 1) Elephant pictures on the rock carving at Necran region (South Saudi arabia).

Figure 2) Rock carving at the Necran region representing elephant

Fiqure 3)

I am sharing a video from youtube for those who says elephants can’t walk at deserts due to their feet structure. Sources; 1)…/0B3fQ9GkyI7DFRjNxdWFlZkxUQVU/view