Isn’t it mentioned about love in Quran ?

Quran iIsn’t it mentioned about love in Qurans the book sent by Allah in order to give social ethics to the people. This ethics is based on love, mercy, tolerance and the best of words. The word “Islam” means “peace” in Arabic. Allah sent Islam so that people can live based on love and peace.

Those who believe, all of you enter to peace and safety and do not follow the steps of the devil. Because he is your enemy. (Bakara Surah, 208)

Allah gives freedom to people regarding their beliefs. ”There is no pressure in religion.” (Bakara Surah, 256) Everyone believes in what he wants. The duty of the Muslim is to show the kindness to people and refrain them from evil through nice words. Allah says the following to a tyrant such as Pharaoh “Tell him nice words, hopefully he understands and starts to tremble by fear.” (Taha Surah, 44). It is always recommended in Quran to be tolerant and not being hard-hearted and doing kindness.

”You treated them tolerantly due to mercy from Allah. They would leave you and go wawy if you were a tyrant…” (Ali İmran Surah, 159) The nice and kind method unites; but being harsh and hard-hearted harms the unity.
Love towards people of book

The Muslims treat the Christians and Jews who are defined as people of book in Quran with deep love and mercy. ‘’Allah prefers that you treat those who do not fight you or try to get you out of your countries kindly and just. Because Allah likes just people.’’ (Mumtehine Surah, 8) We understand from this verse that Muslims should behave well and just towards those who do not fight with them for religion. In another verse, Allah says ‘’you will find that those who say: We are Christians, are nearest to them in terms of love.’’ (Maide Surah, 82)

Love between husbands and wives

Allah mentions that husbands and wives are passionately in love to each other in heaven. ‘’Passionately in love to each other…’’ (Vakia Surah, 37) The believers who strive to live the ethics of heaven in earth have deep love and mercy towards their partners in earth.

‘’It is some of his miracles to create from your souls partners with who you find peace…’’ (Rum Surah, 21) The real love is obtained by living according to Quran. Mercy is a piece of love. The person mercies who he loves and loves who he mercies.

Profits and Believers are sensitive regarding love

The mercy of Prophet Mohammad, his love towards the believers, are very nice examples for the Muslims. Allah mentions as following about his superior morals in Quran:

We sent you a prophet who feels hurt when you are in trouble, who is bound to you, merciful towards the believers and protective. (Tevbe Surah, 128)

Allah says the following in Quran about Prophet Yahya‘’we granted him with a loving heart and purity. He was a very devoted person.’’ (Meryem Surah, 13) The loving heart and purity are signs of the believer.

‘’Those who believe and do good things, Allah will surround them with love.’’ (Meryem Surah, 96) As understood from the verse, Allah creates love inside those who believe.

Nice words, kindness, patience and mercy conduce towards love.

A person who intends to inform people about the social ethics of Islam should have them in himself first of all. Hence the best way to do this is being an example. ‘’Kindness and evil are not equal. You deny the evil in the best way you can. Then you will see that you become friends with the person with who you were enemies.’’ (Fussilet Surah, 34) We understand from this verse that denying the evil in a good way results in friendship even between enemies.

Allah says ‘’Tell my human beings to say the nicest words. Because it drives a wedge between devils.’’ (Isra Surah, 53) It is not ordered in the verse just to say nice words, but to say the nicest words. This is also a worship just as prayer. The believers are obliged to say the nicest words to everyone no matter if he is an atheist, Buddhist, people of book… This causes to strengthen the bond of love between persons firstly, then between societies.

Don’t you see the example of Allah: nice word is like a nice tree, its roots are stable and branches high. (Ibrahim Surah, 24)

The bad word is like a bad tree. Its roots are taken out of the soil and it has no balance. (Ibrahim Surah, 26)
It is important for believers to ‘’recommend patience to each other as well as mercy.’’ (Beled Surah, 17)
Forgiveness is through love

Every problem is solved via mercy, patience and tolerance. Allah advises people to forgive in Quran:
Those among you who are virtuous and rich, should justly treat, forgive and tolerate their relatives, poor people and those who migrate for Allah. Don’t you like Allah to forgive you? Allah is the forgiver, the protector. (Nur Surah, 22)
…other than some among them, they always betray you. But you again forgive them, ignore it. Allah likes those who are merciful for sure (Maide Surah, 13)

Not getting any wage against notification other than ‘’Love’’
Notifying people about the social ethics of Islam, advising kindness and denying evil, advising mercy, justice and patience, supporting the poor is a way of worshipping. The wage of this worship will be given by Allah. The human being is just expected to love.

Say:’’I do not want any wage against this other than love. That who earns a kindness gains more kindness from us. In fact Allah is the forgiver and pays back the patient person.’’ (Shura Surah, 23)
Love towards materials

Allah says the following in the 177th verse of Bakara Surah ‘’that who grants to his relatives, orphans, poor people, stranded people, people in need and the slaves who look for freedom although his love towards materials’’. In another verse he says ‘’they grant food, although they like it, to the poor, orphan and captive.’’ (Insan Surah, 8) The peak point of morals is emphasized in this verse. It mentions about the person who feeds the captive who was trying to kill him.

Wealth is also a test just as poverty. The ultimate wealth is ‘’Allah gives his wealth to that he chooses.’’ (Rad Surah, 26) Prophet Suleiman says ‘’I preferred the love of materials due to remembering my God.’’ (Sad Surah, 32) and if the wealth of this world is used for the sake of Allah, the love and mercy among people will increase.


In order to experience the real love mutually, the person should firstly love Allah and put forth a social ethics that deserves the love of Allah. Allah plants love to the hearts of those who he loves and creates a love in their hearts towards other people. Allah is the real and only source of love.

There are those among the people who favour other things to Allah and love them as if they are Allah. The love of the believers towards Allah is stronger… (Bakara Surah, 165)
Allah, loves just people. (MümtehineSurah, 8)
Allah pure people. (TevbeSurah, 108)
Allah, devoted people. (TevbeSurah, 7)
Allah, kind people. (MaideSurah, 93)
Allah, those who favour justice. (MaideSurah, 42)
Allah, loves those who have faith. (Ali İmran Surah, 159)
Allah, loves patient people. (Ali İmran Surah, 146)
Allah, loves people who swear off and purify themselves.” (BakaraSurah, 222)
Allah loves those who beware. (Ali İmran Surah, 76)