Is there someone called Ezra in Torah and Do Jews call anybody as “ Son of God”?

The Jews said, “Ezra is God ‘s son,” and the Nazarenes said, “The Messiah is God ‘s son.” Such is their utterances with their mouths; they imitate the sayings of those who rejected before them. God ’s curse be on them. How deviated are they! They took their scholars and priests to be lords besides God, and the Messiah son of Mary, while they were only commanded to serve One god, there is no god but He, be He glorified for what they set up. (Repentance, 9/30, 31)

Because of the verse in the Surat-al Repentance some people say that there is no one named as Uz-eyir in The Torah and jews did not call him as if ‘ God’s son’. In accordance with this phrase, they claim that Quran has made a mistake, far from It.

However, the truth is completely different and confirming The Quran itself. Surely, a messen-ger / prophet called as Uzeyir has been mentioned in The Torah. This person with the lan-guage of The Torah is named as Ezra. Historical donees prove that he has been called as if ‘God’s son’ by the jews till 10th century.

The reason of accepting Uzeyir as if ‘God’s son’ by jews, is because he had written lost Torah once again. Uzeyir, mentioned in the Torah as ‘scribe Ezra’ is the one who has re-organized and wrote down The Torah after the looting of Jerusalem by Buhtunnasr. Later on the looting, The Torah had been destroyed and even completely forgotten.

According to jewish believing, God has commanded Uzeyir to seclude himself with some scribes and the next day he had been presented a bowl of water in order to drink. After drinking the water, du-ring the next 40 days God made him write down the Torah. That’s because jews call Uzeyir as ‘the second Moses’ and accept that unless Moses come along, Ezra would be given The Torah by God.

It has known that worship of Ezra’s by jewish people had increased because of he had wrote The Lost Torah by heart and his version is exactly same with the One which had been revealed from a place where it was hidden by an old woman. As a consequence he had been called as if ‘God’s son’. It’s possible to say that because Uzeyir is a member of Kohen’s family, he has been accepted as if ‘Gods son’ by the jews in time of Hz. Muhammad and also by the jews of Nadir and Kureyza living around Medina.

In Jewish history, along with the demolishing of Suleyman temple, Kohen’s power on political and re-ligious administration over jews have gone and switched to other familys control. That’s because the value of Ezra on jews has gone in time. On the other hand, it’s seen that jews have suspended the idea of accepting Ezra as ‘God’s son’ meanwhile criticising Nazarenes assertions about their prophet, The Messiah is being ‘Gods son’. However, historians are mentioning about jews who still accept Ezra as ‘Gods son’ in 9th and 10th centuries.

El Cahiz (d. 869) relates some Jews whereas Makdisi (d.966) relates some Palestinian Jews of his time, have called Uzeyir as if ‘God’s son’ (Ibnullah) in order to glorify him.

Besides it’s known that Nazarenes and Jews are likely to call important religious figures as if ‘Gods son’ as well as themselves as it’s mentioned in the surat-al Maida at 18th verse: ’The Jews and the Nazarenes said, “We are God’s children and His loved ones.’

Another important subject mentioned in surat-al Repentance 30th verse is the acceptance of Uzeyir and The Messiah as if ‘Gods son’ by jews and nazarenes is a kind of false belief repeating over and over again in time. The Verse continues with the expression ‘they imitate the sayings of those who rejected before them.’ This phrase signify that in history polytheist tribes had believed that their apo-stles or heads were ‘God’s son’.

It’s known that in some of civilisation like Babel, Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Rome, Scandinavian, Celts etc. the fact of God’s incarnation, the holy power of Mighty God, turns into a half human- half god being and this is called as ‘God’s son’. At the present time this belief still exists. In hinduism, god is called trimurti and he is the trinity of divinity. Also in buddhism, it’s known that Buddha has been accepted as if ‘God’s son’ by buddhists.

As a conclusion, jews’ assertion about there is no one written as Uzeyir in The Torah and they did ne-ver call him as if ‘Gods son’ is wrong. This claim is another slander against The Quran. Whereas, Quran is the book which corrects the mistakes before Itself. Also it reveals the unknown/forgotten information by contemporary Jews of this time. In Quran which is the God’s message, there is no false and contradiction.