Is there child marriage in Quran?

Is there child marriage in QuranThe first subject that should be reminded to those who attack our Prophet due to the age of Aisha (Her Holiness) and claim that child marriage is allowed in Quran, is that the provisions can only be learned from Quran and they should not rely on sources that do not comply with Quran. Allah says”We left nothing missing in this book…”(En’am Surah, 38).In Quran which is definitely complete, an important subject as time of marriage has also been mentioned.

Check the orphans until they are eligible for marriage; if you realize any maturity in them immediately give them their wealth… (Nisa Surah, 6)

“do not approach the wealth of the orphan maliciously until his adolescence…” (En’am Surah, 152)

If you read the verses carefully, they say ‘’check the orphans until they are eligible for marriage’’. It says if you realize any maturity in them immediately give them their wealth. In the second verse it says do not approach the wealth of the orphan maliciously until his adolescence. A child cannot know what money is. He cannot know about saving, budget spending and investment. If you give money to a child he will probably get chocolate or candy with it. So he will start to control his wealth when he is mentally mature, not physically. The same principle applies for the marriage too.

The word “ruşhden” in the verse means that the man and woman should be “Mature”.

Rushd: Ability of finding the right way.
Reshid: The person who shows the right way to others.
Rashid: The person who has the capacity of finding the right way.
Murshid: The person who educates, teaches.

The bride price (Mehir),is the money or wealth given by the man to the woman when getting married according to the Islamic Laws. The bride price is given directly to the woman, not to her family. According to the verse mentioned above, the period when the wealth is given to its owner is the period when the person can manage that wealth. So the woman who gets the bride price should be mature enough to control it.

The claims regarding that Aisha got married when she was 6-9 years old do not comply with the marriage period stated in Quran. The marriage period stated in Quran complies with the age restriction mentioned in our current Civil Law. Besides, Buhari who is one of the owners of the sources where Aisha’s age has been stated lived 238 years later than our Prophet, Muslim 243 years later, Tirmizi 260 years later, Ebu Davud 256 years later, Nesai 238 years later, İbn-i Mace 263 years later. The age of Aisha is mentioned in some sources as 6, in some as 9 and in some others as 18. The reference regarding marriage age is Quran. Quran mentions the necessity of mental maturity for marriage.

But some of the atheists who ignore this true fact, claim that the term ‘’that does not menstruate’’ in Talak Surah 4th Verse refers to a child.

”If you hesitate regarding the delay period of the women who do not menstruate (due to menopause period), their delay period is three months. Same period applies for those who do not menstruate. The delay period of pregnant women ends when they give birth to their children. Allah helps those who respect Him and refrain from opposing Him.”(Talak, 4)

It says that the delay period of women who do not menstruate or are in menopause period is 3 months. Why waiting for 3 months? To determine if she is pregnant or not. Can the child who does not menstruate become pregnant? No. Then no need to wait for 3 months. The woman who is pregnant does not menstruate. But it takes a while to determine her pregnancy. The delay period for the women in this state is 3 months. The woman whose pregnancy is certain waits until birth.

The term ‘vellailemyahidne’ which is translated as girls who do not menstruate in the interpretations medically means “sekonderamenore”. It refers to the women who have medical menstruation problems (the woman who does not menstruate for any reason during 3 months or more).

The term of “not menstruated yet” that we read in some of the interpretations is not mentioned in the 4th Verse of Talak Surah. In order to say not menstruated yet the term ”ellaaiii lemma yahidne ” should be mentioned.

Lem: Will never happen, or never happened before.
Lemma: Not happened yet but will happen.

The word ‘’Nisa’’ mentioned in the verse is used for mature women. If the person who does not menstruate were a child then the terms ”Vildan, Veled, Benat…” should have been used. But the word ‘’Nisa’’ which stands for mature women is used in the Verse.

As a result, Quran does not allow child marriage. Such wrong applications are favored by societies that are far from Quran. The atheists and fanatics claim that Islam allows child marriage due to translations made wrong intentionally. Children are living beings that need compassion. Nobody can find proofs from Quran supporting their pervert ideas.