Is there any helper other than Allah? Do angels help?

Is there any helper other than Allah Do angels helpTaking into consideration each verse in Quran separately apart from the flow of the subject and attributing different meanings to them is a widely used method in criticizing Quran. This method has been used in this situation trying to create a contradiction. But when you read the verses taking into consideration the integrity of the subject, you will understand the situation. The verses subject to this claim are as follows:

Do not you know that Allah is the only owner of the earth and skies and that there is no any other owner or helper other than Allah? (2 Bakara Surah, 107)

You cannot prevent this neither on earth nor in the skies. You do not have any owner or helper other than Allah.(29 Ankebut Surah, 22)

“We are your friends both in the life and eternity. You can find anything you desire there. (41 Fussilet Surah, 31)

The subject will be understood if you read the verses before and after the ones mentioned above. In the 31st verse of Fussilet Surah it says that the angels will help the believers both in the life and in eternity. This is something valid for the believers, not for the deniers.

If you review the flow of Bakara Surah and Ankebut Surah mentioned above, you will see that the deniers are emphasized and that there is no any helper for the deniers other than Allah. It means that in case you deny Allah and worship other gods, those gods will not be able to help you like Allah. The only power that can help the deniers is Allah. For this reason Allah invites those who worship the idols to believe just in Allah.