Is there any cancelled verse in Quran?

Is there any cancelled verse in Quran
Nasih means the verse that cancels the provision and Mensuh means the verse of which its provision is cancelled. Nasih means to cancel the verse and make it invalid. Allah says the following regarding those who impair his verses in Sebe Surah 38: ‘’Those who strive to impair our verses; they are also included in the torment.’’ The persons who believe in the disaster of Nasih Mensuh believe that some verses exist although their provisions are cancelled and that some provisions exist although their verses are cancelled. They show the Rejm superstition and verses regarding alcoholic drinks as examples to them.

Some men of religion claim that 750 verses were cancelled and some claim that 5 were cancelled. Anyway there are no 750 provisions in Quran. Allah says in Fussilet Surah 42 ‘’Nothing visible or invisible can cancel anything in Quran. Because Quran is sent by Allah who is just in all his decisions’’. He says in Nisa 82 ‘’Do not they think about Quran yet? If it was sent by someone else other thanAllah there would be many contradictions in it’’.  Allah wants the people to think about Quran. Afterwards he emphasizes that there are no contradictions in Quran. Quran does not declare something lawful then change it as unlawful. Allah states that there are no such contradictions in Quran.

Allah says in Hicr Surah 9 ‘’There is no doubt that we sent Quran. And we are its real protector’’. Claiming that some verses of the Quran that is protected by Allah have been cancelled may lead to disasters. According to the wrong information stated by Imam Suyuti; Aisha (wife of our Prophet) said that they read 200 verses in Ahzab Surah previously and in the era of Caliph Osman it was decreased to 73 verses. This means that 127 verses vanished. Stating, writing, narrating such a thing is a big mistake. For instance including the Basmala there are 6348 verses in Quran and excluding them there are 6232 verses. But when you ask they say that there are 6666 verses. They claim that the difference is a result of the cancelled verses. This is a slander and cruelty towards Quran.

Let us detail the Nasih subject some more. There are 5 types of Nasih.

1- Verse cancelled by verse. This is impossible. Because Quran is free from being incomplete, there are no contradictions in it, it is protected until the judgement day, it is the book of Allah and we are responsible of every verse in it.
2- Cancellation of Quran by Sunna and Hadith. This is also impossible. Allah “…does not have partners in his decisions.” (Kehf Surah 26) ”Decision is given only by Allah…” (Yusuf Surah, 40) The Prophet is not entitled to decide about the obligations of the religion or cancel any verse.
3- Cancellation of Sunna by Sunna. This is possible. Our Prophet may have cancelled any of his applications in different periods. For instance he banned eating bread and playing tambourine during war. But then he cancelled this application. Or he banned visiting the graveyards for a while then let people do it.
4- Cancellation of Sunna by verse. This is possible. Any application of our Prophet may be cancelled by the verse. For instance people prayed towards Jerusalem previously. Allah ordered people to pray towards Kabe in the verse and cancelled the Sunna.

5- cancellation of some previous religious laws by some of the verses in Quran. This is also possible. For instance retaliation. Retaliation is the punishment of murder. In Torah it was both retaliation and ransom. In the Bible it is just retaliation. In Quran it is either retaliation or ransom.

Allah says in Bakara Surah 106. ‘’Unless we send a similar or better one we do not cancel any verse or cause to forget. Do not you know that Allah affords anything’’. Those who claim that verses have been cancelled usually show this verse as a proof. The singular form of the word verse is mentioned 84 times in Quran. And in all of them it is used in the meaning of ‘’miracle, proof, document, mark and prophecy’’. It is not used in any place for verses of Quran. The term ‘’Ayat’’ which stands for the plural form of verse is used in the meaning of Quran verses. The list of the verses where the singular form of the term is mentioned is as follows:

2:106, 118, 145, 211, 248, 259; 3:13, 41, 49, 50; 5:114; 6:4, 25, 35, 37, 109; 7:73, 106, 132, 146, 203;10:20, 92, 97; 11: 64, 103; 12:105; 13:7, 27, 38; 15:77; 16:11, 13, 65, 67, 69, 101; 17:12; 19:21; 20:22,47, 133; 21:5, 91; 23:50; 25:37; 26:4, 8, 67, 103, 121, 128, 139, 154, 158, 174, 190, 197; 27:52; 29;15,35, 44; 30:58; 34:9,15; 36:33, 37, 41, 46; 37:14; 40:78; 43:48; 51:37; 54:2,15; 79:20.

The same word in all of the verses I mentioned have been translated as ‘’miracle, proof’’, but in Bakara 106 it is translated as Quran verse. The word provision is added in some interpretations and tried to give the perception that the provision of the verse is cancelled.

Allah says in Bakara Surah 106 ‘’unless we send a similar or better one we do not cancel any verse or cause to forget. Do not you know that Allah affords anything’’. He does not say that he cancelled them. For instance in Isra Surah 86 Allah says ‘’If we want, we may erase what we inspired to you and you will not have claim against us’’. He does not say that he wanted or did but implies that he may if he wants. These are very different. Allah pointsout to his strength here. In Zumer Surah 65 Allah says ‘’We inspired you and those before you: if you take partners in worshipping me all your endeavours will be erased and you will fail’’. In this verse Allah says to the Prophet that the endeavours of those who take partners in worshipping Allah will be erased. The meaning of the verse is not that the Prophet took partners in worshipping Allah.

You should read the previous text and the one after in order to understand a verse. In order to understand Bakara 106 you should take a look at verse 105 which says: ‘’Misbelievers or polytheists to whom a book was sent do not want Allah to send them any prosperity. But Allah send his prosperity to those who he deems appropriate’’. What do the misbelievers or polytheists to whom a book was sent not want for the believers here? How many times they pray a day, to which direction they pray, debts and rights etc… Of course these are not the subjects they deal with and do not want for the believers. They did not want the Quean and the Prophet. Let us check Bakara 106 again; ‘’unless we send a similar or better one we do not cancel any verse or cause to forget. Do not you know that Allah affords anything’’. The verse mentioned here is the prophecy. Allah means here that he can afford to make the Prophet forget about the prophecy. He says at the end of the verse; ‘’Do not you know that Allah affords anything’’.

Allah says in Rad Surah 39 ‘’Allah erases or maintains whatever he likes. The mother of the book is in his level’’. The word verse is not mentioned here. But some people claim that Allah means erasing some of the verses and maintaining some of them. But here the verses regarding our universe are meant. For instance the verse about night erases the verse about day and the verse about sun erases the verse about moon…

As a result there is no even one verse in Quran whose provision is cancelled. Even if the Quean was inspired throughout a period of time it is book that was sent in one time. Allah is out of time and place. And he controls the past and future events at the same time. So it is not considerable that Allah determines new verses according to the conditions of the present time or cancel some of their provisions. This claim results from not perceiving the power of Allah. Dividing the Quran into pieces and accepting some of it while denying some of it is polytheism. And polytheism is the only sin that Allah will not forgive. Attention!