Is the earth flat or sphere according to Quran?

Is the earth flat or sphere according to QuranHe created the lands and the skies. The night covers the day, and the day covers the night… (Zümer Surah, 5)

The expressions of Quran in its verses that identify the universe are very remarkable. The word which is translated as “covers’’ above is ‘’yukevviru’’ in Arabic. The translation of this word in Turkish is ‘’to cover a spherical thing with another thing’’. (In Arabic this verb is used for instance for the turban which is covered around the head) Mentioning about the change of night and day by using this verb is a certain information that the earth is verb is used in the verse because the earth is a sphere. It has been emphasized in Quran that was sent in the 7th century that the earth is sphere.

Then he gave the earth the shape of an egg. (Naziat Surah, 30)

The old glossators interpreted the word ‘’dahha’’ that means giving the shape of an egg as ‘’arranged, prepared’’ because they thought the earth was flat.

The people talking Arabic in North Africa call the egg ‘’dahhy’’ and the incubation ‘’meddhy’’. The root of the word is ‘’dhhy’’.

We should not forget that the earth was perceived differently according to the astronomic approach in those days. People thought the earth was flat then and all of the scientific calculations and explanations was based on this theory. But since Quran is the words of Allah the most depictive words have been used. Quran informed us 1400 years ago about these facts that we learned during the recent century.