Is Prophethood Comes from the Lineage of Abraham

In the verses of the Qur’an there is information about prophets who have kinship ties to each other. For example, a verse is like this:

You approach men, and cut off the way, and commit lewdness in your gatherings.” But the only response from his people was to say, “Bring upon us God’s punishment, if you are truthful.”. (29 al-Ankabut Surah, 27)

In another verse, it is expressed that to each tribe a prophet was sent:

To every community We sent a messenger: “Worship God, and avoid idolatry.” Some of them God guided, while others deserved misguidance. So travel through the earth, and see what the fate of the deniers was. (16 an-Nahl Surah – 36)

From these expressions, it is tried to be put forward as a contradiction that, if all the prophets are from the same family, how it is possible to send a prophet to every tribe. This question arises when the expressions in the verses are not read carefully. It is the fact that prophethood was given to the descendants of the prophet Abraham, as spoken of in verse 27 of the an-Ankabut Surah. But there is no requirement that “all the prophets come from Abraham’s lineage”. Apart from Abraham’s descendants, other prophets were sent. This is expressed in verse 36 of Surah an-Nahl. A prophet was sent to each tribe to convey the commandments of Allah. There is no contradiction between the statements of the two verse.