Is Prophet Mary the Sister of Prophet Harun?

Quran is definitely the words of Allah, it is a protected book and   explained by Allah himself (Hud Surah, 1)

Is Prophet Mary the Sister of Prophet Harun
There is no any contradiction in it. The contradiction claims brought up by those who do not believe in Quran, are subjects that make us believe in the words of Allah even with more faith. Those brought up claims do not consist of any proof and are untrue. One of them is about Prophet Mary who has been stated in Quran as ‘’An example woman for all worlds’’.

The verse says: “Sister of Harun, your father was not a bad person and your mother was not a bad woman.” (Meryem Surah, 28). It said for Prophet Mary “Sister of Harun”. This is the point claimed to be a contradiction, the thought that Prophet Mary is the sister of Prophet Harun. Prophet Harun who is the brother of Prophet Moses lived 1200 years before Prophet Mary and how come they are claimed to be brother and sister?

“Sister of Prophet Harun” means “that who comes from Harun’s kindred”. Those who read these verses think as follows; Prophet Harun represents the Jews and comes from that kindred, but Prophet Mary is Christian and they cannot be from the same family.

Both Prophet Harun and Prophet Mary come from the Jewish kindred. It is forgotten that Prophet Mary is from the Jewish kindred since she is the mother of Jesus. The verse underlines that both of them come from the same kindred and that they maintain the morals of a prophet. As those who lived in the same era accept, Prophet Mary was an example woman to her society by her morals. The people were surprised when Prophet Mary became pregnant without having a husband and blamed her to be immoral and blamed her by saying “how come such a person who comes from a holy kindred does such an act”. The prophet kindred and moral in underlined in the term “Sister of Harun”. So there is no any contradiction here, the kindred and prophet morality is emphasized. The general explanation in Quran also is in parallel with this fact. The prophets were sent to their societies as their ‘’brothers’’. The term ‘’brother’’ here means that they belong to the same kindred.

The believers are just brothers… (Hucurat Surah, 10)

“We sent their brother Hud to the Ad society. He said: “My people, worship Allah, He is your only God. You are just people who come up with fake Gods.” (Hud Surah 50)