Is everything created in pairs?‏

actualIs everything created in pairsThe claim of atheists:

The 49th verse of Zariyat Surah is scientifically wrong. It says in this verse that each LIVING THING has been created in pairs and today we know that every living thing is not consisting of pairs. How does this verse explain the creatures that are sporadic (that do not consist of pairs)? Does not this verse contradict with science?


There is no any verse in Quran which contradicts with science? Because Allah has created the universe and the Quran which are subjects of the science and it is obvious that there is no contradiction between his creatures.

Some people intentionally twist this verse and some think that there is a mistake in this verse just because they do not read it carefully. The details in the verse are very important. The detailed explanation of the verse is as follows.

Zariyat (51) Surah 49th verse:

Turkish transcription…..

Vemin kulli şey-in ḣalaknâ zevceyni le’allekum teżekkerûn(e)

  1. ve        : and
  2. min kulli şey’in          : from everything
  3. halaknâ          : we created
  4. zevceynî         : pairs
  5. lealle-kum      : hopefully you will
  6. tezekkerûne   : think and get advice



We created everything in pairs so that you get advice.

The word of living thing is not mentioned in this verse (neither in the interpretations nor in the Arabic text). The word “hayyin” expresses living thing in Arabic. This word is mentioned in the 30th verse of Enbiya Surah. The word “hayat’ in Turkish is originally Arabic and comes from the same root.

But in the 49th verse of Zariyat Surah it says “everything” (min kulli sey’in). Allah says “we created everything in pairs”. It would have been expressed clearly just as the other verses if the intended meaning was living things. This means that Allah intends to tell something else here. This verse talks about the substance since everything is made of substances.

It is becoming even more obvious in another verse that the intention is substance. Allah says the following in the 36th verse of Yasin Surah:

”Allah has created various pairs from what pops up from earth, own kinds and many things that are unknown.”

This verse told about the pairs that we were going to learn in the future 1400 years ago. Today the science knows that substances consist of pairs. Since the living things that do not consist of pairs consist of substances, this verse is completely true.


Additional Information ;



In 1928 the Physicist Paul Dirac made an arrangement in order to harmonize the relativity theory and the quantum physics and established the famous Dirac equation which explained the behaviors of the electrons.

As a result of interpreting the equation in a wider scale; we understood that each electron has a twin with the same mass value but with opposite load. This anti-particle was called positron. Together with the Dirac equation that was one of the most important explorations of the last century, the anti-substance reality was revealed. The anti-electron called positron was observed with cosmic rays for the first time during the same year. Accordingly every main particle is accompanied by an anti-particle. Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac shared the Nobel Prize in 1933 with this discovery. Accordingly;

For every main particle, there is an opposite particle with the same mass and spin. There are 3 anti-particles that were observed in experiments. These are positron, anti-proton and anti-neutron.

There is anti-proton against proton, anti-neutron against neutron and anti- neutrino against neutrino and etc. Accordingly every particle has an opposite twin. Just like the electrons, protons and neutrons form the substance, the anti-particles form the anti-substance.

When analyzed within the context of the above mentioned information, it is obviously a miracle to mention about the creation in pairs 1400 years ago.