How many angels talked to Mary?

How many angels talked to MaryIt is claimed that there is a contradiction in the verses where the conversation of Mary with the angels is mentioned arguing that it is mentioned about one angel in some places and about more than one angel in other places of the verses. Let us look at the verses to check the claims:

There was a curtain who protected her from other people. So we sent her Gabriel, and he stood before her as a human being. She said: “Merciful Allah will protect me from you. Do not get close to me if you have piousness. “He said: “I am just a messenger from Allah; I am here to present you a clean boy.” (19 Meryem Surah – 17/19)

(Zekeriya) “My God, give me a sign.” He said. “Your sign is that you do not talk to the people for three days and just use signs to communicate. Mention God a lot.” He said. The angels said: “Mary, Allah chose you for sue, he purified you and made you superior to the women of the worlds.”. “Mary, obey your God with your heart, join those who grovel to him.” (3 Âli İmran Surah – 41/43)

When you read the two groups of verses you see that two different incidents are mentioned. In the verses of Meryem Surah, the meeting of Mary with Gabriel is explained. In the verses of Ali-Imran Surah, a different incident is expressed. Here, the conversation of the angels with Mary in a different time and place is stated. So there is no any contradiction between mentioning about more than one angel in a verse and about Gabriel in another verse.