Does the Evil come from Allah?

Does the Evil come from AllahTwo verse of Nisa Surah are criticized regarding this matter. Let us check these verses first of all:
Wherever you are, death finds you; even if you are in castles protected with high and strong walls. If they are blessed: “This is from Allah” they say; if they face an evil: “This is from you” they say. Tell them: “All of it is from Allah.” But, why does not this society try to understand any word? Any blessing to you comes from Allah, any evil to you comes from themselves. We sent you as a messenger to the people; Allah is the best witness. (4 Nisa Surah, 78-79)
In the 78th verse it says”all of it is from Allah” while in the 79th verse it is mentioned that the evil is from themselves. While the meaning looks same in both of the translations, but in the original Arabic text there is a different word in one of the verses. In the 78th verse in the term saying ”all of it is from Allah” an Arabic word ‘’indi’’ which means ‘’by him’’ is used. This word is not used in the 79th verse translated above. This word brings out an important difference in meaning. Everything is by Allah (indi Allah –indillah-). We see that there is no any contradiction in there verses when we take into consideration the above mentioned words while interpreting the verses.
Everything happens by the will of Allah at the end. But the evils suffered by people are a result of their bad acts. For example if someone puts his hand it will burn. The burning of his hand is a result of the nature created by Allah. But the reason is that person who puts his hand in fire. He is the responsible; but Allah created the natural rules that result in burning his hand.