Did the Prophet order 400/900 Jews to be killed in Kurayza?

yinyang-1366-768-wallpaperAccording to the rumour, one the Jewish tribes Beni Kurayza supported the Quraysh and their ally who made an unsuccessful attack to Medina in order to demolish Islam. The most serious attack made against the Islam was unsuccessful and then Beni Kurayza was under siege by the Prophet. When Beni Kureyza surrendered such as Beni Nadir, they asked for the arbitration of Sad B. Muaz who is one of their allies on contrary to Beni Nadir. Sad decided that men should be killed and women and children should be taken slaves. As a result, trenches were digged in Medina and the men of Kurayza were brought here in groups and killed. The number of people killed differs between 400 and 900 according to the rumours.

When this rumour investigated, we see that the details lead to objections. First of all the claim that 600, 800 or 900 men from Beni Kurayza were killed, is not true. This is a claim brought forward by the Jews later on.

The oldest source regarding this matter is the book of Ibni Ishak called Siret. This is a comprehensive book from which lots of quotes has been made.

But instead of these untrusted sources of the late period, Quran which is a thoroughly right source should be taken into consideration.

“Allah pulled the people of the book who helped the polytheists from their castles and placed a big fear in their hearts. You were killing some of them and taking some of them slaves.”

There is no any information about the number of the people killed in the verse.

The verse in Quran is not mentioning about the number of people who attended the war. This is a declaration about war. The warriors are not mentioned in this declaration. (As a natural result of the war) some of them were killed and some were taken slaves.

We cannot stop ourselves of thinking as follows: If 600 or 900 persons were killed regarding this matter, it would be considered a very important happening. Accordingly there had to be much more explanations and advices in Quran about this incident. If the guilty (the ones who fought) leaders were killed, then its result should have been explained shortly in Quran.

Last word to be told about sources: they are neither reliable nor trusted. The determinations were made in very late periods. For this reason the grounds to object the claim may be as follows:

1- As mentioned above, the Quran mentions very little about this incident and there is no any information about the number of people killed. When war is the subject, the fighters are referred. The Quran is the only source that the historians accept without any doubt. It is concurrent with the incident and it is the only reliable source we have about this subject due to many convincing reasons.

2- According to the Islamic provisions, only the person who is responsible of betrayal is punished. ‘’But the polytheists who comply with the agreement they make with you and who do not help any person against you are excluded: complete their agreements until the end time. Allah prefers good believers.’’ (Tevbe Surah, 4) As seen in the verse, those who complied with the agreement and did not help the enemies of the Muslims are excluded.


3- Killing so many people is against the main principle of the Islamic justice and Quran based on “No sinner can be held responsible for sins of other sinners” (Fatir Surah, 18)


The Quran says ‘’Allah prefers that you behave to those who do not fight with you and do not get you out of your countries in a good way and in justice’’ (Mumtehine Surah, 8). Quran orders that Muslims behave well against those who do not fight them or try to get them out of their lands.


4- This rumour is also on contrary to the provisions of Quran regarding captives. According to Quran, the captives should be freed directly or against ransom.

…When you win the war and defeat your enemy capture your prisoners. Then you either free them as a favour or against ransom. So that the war ends completely… (Muhammed Surah, 4)


5- If hundreds of people were killed in a bazaar and filled in trenches, it is really very interesting not to have any clue, reference or source about them.


6- In the Kurayza rumour, it is told that some people who were actively behaving as enemies were killed. It is logical to kill people who betrayed. It should not be considered as killing the whole tribe. Because as mentioned above, this is an act that is on contrary to what told in the verses.


Allah says “The believers were permitted to fight against those who oppressed them.” (Haj Surah, 39). In another verse Allah says ‘’Fight those who fight you for the sake of Allah and do not exaggerate. Allah does not like exaggerators.’’ (Bakara Surah, 190). The two verses emphasize that fighting is permitted to defend your selves or your belongings. Exaggeration in fighting is not allowed.
7- Both the people of Kurayza and the people of Medina wanted to praise their ancestors. It is a fact that the coming generations made up lots of stories in order to praise their ancestors or to justify those who were against Islam at the beginning. Most of these rumours were put forth by Ibni Ishak.
8- Other details are also not acceptable. How is it possible to lock up hundreds of people in a house that belongs to a woman from Beni Neccar.


The sources of the rumour are not reliable and their details do not comply with the principles of Islam and verses of Quran. The environmental proofs do not also support the rumour. This means that the rumour is not reliable.


Ii is believed in Islam that killing one person is like killing the whole people on earth in cases other than war or retaliation. Bringing a person to life is also considered as bringing the whole people to life. It is apparently seen that the rumour is not true when investigated under the terms of Quran.


‘’That who kills a person in an unjust way, is considered to kill the whole humanity. And that who brings one person to life, is considered to bring the whole humanity to life’’ (Maide Surah, 32)