Are the women fields of men according to Quran?

10929556_10152809275034001_6355978439248188489_nThere is no any statement in Quran that contradicts with life and conscience, because Quran is a message from Allah who created us and the whole universe. Any of its verses does not contradict with another. In some atheist platforms it is claimed that in the 223rd verse of Bakara Surah, women are humiliated and pushed into the background in the social life. This article has been written in order to answer this claim.

The foundation of these claims is the ‘’woman’’ image created by the effect of sources out of Quran. The word ‘’hars’’ in the verse has been translated into Turkish as FIELD although its meaning in classical dictionaries (Curriculum and Lisan-ul Arab) is CULTURE. The classic interpretation of the verse is as follows: Bakara Surah (2/223)

Your women are your fields (where you plant seeds). Approach your field as you wish. Get ready for the future for yourselves. Listen to ALLAH and be sure that you will definitely meet him. This is gospel for the believers.

The interpretation of the verse becomes as follows when the word HARS is translated as CULTURE:

The women are the culture of the society! So approach your women knowing that you will see yourselves. Get ready for the future for yourselves.

The word “your” in the 223rd verse of Bakara Surah does not emphasize men, but it emphasizes the society. Since it is not thought like this in men-oriented interpretations, this verse has been explained by emphasizing sex and a serious mistake was made. The simplest way to observe the civilization level of a society is to check the situation of women in that society. I favor the below mentioned sentence that summarizes this situation very effectively:

Quote: The freedom in a country is measured by the situation of women. Look at the women, aren’t they free? Then whatever that regime does, it will not succeed. But if women are free, then everything is fine. There should be women wearing décolleté, bikini or even veil. All of them should be respected.

The women who are defined as a beautiful plant in Quran contribute materially to the culture of that society and to growing the coming generations just as the other meaning of the word HARS in the verse which is FIELD. It is obvious that the woman who is pushed into the background will not be able to succeed in this task. The uneducated woman will also not be able to educate her children and become their first teacher in terms of culture and morals. In brief, the WOMAN is a FIELD that educates the coming GENERATIONS and the CULTURE of the society.

We also have to think what the word filed means as a term in the Arabic language. The field for people who live in vast deserts is a very valuable thing that they dream of.

Words have genders in many languages. There are masculine words and feminine words. The genders of the words are determined according to their vowels or consonants or affixes. The word “field” is translated as a masculine word in the verse and is not suitable to use for women.

Women are crops; fields / culture

The order given in the verse saying that your women are your crops/culture, is a statement that needs to be underlined. The word “hars” means both “crop, filed” and “culture”. As you know culture means ‘’All of the material and moral values created throughout the historical and social development process and all of the instruments used in creating these values and transferring them to the coming generations and in defining the measure of the human’s dominance on its natural and social environment (TDK)’’. We can also call it ‘’biological and sociological culture”. The woman is like a biological field. As transforming an organism in a bio-chemistry laboratory in order to suit the aim, the sperm in the woman is transformed to an embryo first, the n a piece of meat, then a body with bones and flesh, and at last the baby. After the baby is born, the women function as a culture/field. They teach the moral values of the society (religious beliefs and principles, behavior and ideal forms) slowly and transfer them to the coming generations. Briefly the woman is a mother both in materials terms and in sociological terms.