Are the verses where terms such as “Tell, Tell that“ are not mentioned contradictory?

Talk the talkThose people who are arguing about not using the term “Tell that“ in some verses of Quran are criticizing blindly and without making any researches. For example; the term “Tell that“ is implicitly mentioned in Enam Surah 104th verse, Neml Surah 91st verse and similar verses. This is a wording specific to Quran. The person who has the taste of the Arabic language will never feel any missing thing in the texts. He will understand from the natural flow of the wording that these words belong to Allah. However, including those made by the Westerns, almost in all Quran translations the term “Tell that“ is shown between parenthesis.

The wordıng that starts wıth “”Tell that”” is directed from Allah to the human being. If this wording is enough to prove that those words belong to Allah, tis fact is mentioned in Quran approximately three hundred times. And if this fact is vital in terms of proving that Quran is the wording of Allah, (according to the claim that Quran is the wording of Prophet Mohammad!), Prophet Mohammad is aware of it and this fact is mentioned approximately in three hundred places in Quran. Then why did he neglect it in some places? So the claim that he forgot is also not valid because it is impossible for him not to see this so called missing point in Quran that he has been reading continuously.

Besides, the polytheist Arabs who spoke the language of Quran did not make such an objection to Quran although they hated it so much. Not to mention the objection, although all of the persistent requests and challenges of Quran, they were not able to write such a book, such a surah or such a verse mentioned in it. If Quran was the word of Prophet Mohammad, the Arab polytheists who shared the same tribe and society with him, who spoke the same language with him and who were higher than him in terms of social degree would have written such a book too. But they could not succeed in it. Because, “He does not speak with sensual feelings. The Quran is nothing but an apocalypse sent to him”. (Necm Surah, 3-4)

If there would be something in the wording of Quran to be objected or anything contrary to the literary taste and logic, the polytheist Arabs would have objected before those who did not know even a word in Arabic. They naturally had a tendency to criticize, bring forth its missing parts and discredit such a book that targeted to delete the religion of their ancestors. But the Arabs at the peak of literary taste did not do that. Besides, they were amazed by the literary sovereignty of Quran and expressed their amazement by saying “The Quran is nothing but a magic” (Sebe Surah, 43). Those who claimed that Quran is the wording of Prophet Mohammad expressed their admiration towards its high literary level said “No, he made it up, he is a poet”.