Are the prophets equal, or is anyone of them superior ?

Are the prophets equal, or is anyone of them superiorWhile it is mentioned that there is no difference between propjets in Bakara-285, in the 253rd verse of the same Surah it says “We made some of the prophets, superior to others.”

Bakara-285. The prophet,and the believers believed in the sent book. All of them believed in, his angels, his books, his prophets. “There is no any difference in his prophets. We heard and obeyed. Forgive is our God, we will return to you”

Bakara-253. Here are the prophets! We made some them superior to others. Some of them talked to Allah. Some of them had higher ranks.


There is no contradiction in Quran. There may be differences in the ranks of the prophets before Allah, but Muslims believe in all prophets without any discrimination between them…

The first verse puts forth the consideration of Allah with his limitless knowledge regarding prophets. The second puts forth the consideration of the believers…

Say: “We believed in Allah; to what was sent to us, to what was sent to İbrahim, İsmail, İshak, Yakuband his grandsons, to what was given to Moses and Jesus and to what was granted to prophets by your God. We do not distinguish any of them and we have surrendered to him.” (Bakara Surah, 136)