Are the men only addressed in Quran? Aren’t women addressed?

One of the critics made by the atheists regarding Quran is that ‘’Quran always addresses men’’. Although they do not have any proof, they claim that ‘’Quran addresses men and ignores women’’.

In fact Quran addresses saying ‘’Believers’’ or ‘’People’’ or ‘’Believer men and believer women’’ which all are equalitarian expressions. ‘’Believers’’ is mentioned in approximately 90 verses, ‘’People’’ in approximately 20 verses. Only men are addresses regarding subjects that relate to men and only women are addressed in subjects that relate women.

Beyond doubt, Muslim men and Muslim women, believer men and believer women, men who obey Allah by their hearts and women who obey Allah by their hearts, loyal men and loyal women, patient men and patient women, men who respectfully fear Allah and women who respectfully fear Allah, men who relieve and women who relieve, men who fast and women who fast, men who preserve their purity and women who preserve their purity, men who mention Allah a lot and women who mention Allah a lot; Allah will forgive them and award them. (Ahzab Surah, 35)

As understood from the verse, the addressing and results are same for both sexes and equal. Men and women are equal in terms of acts.

The fanatic mentality claims that women are created weak and are short of mind. Allah says without defining sex ”The human is created weak.” (Nisa Surah, 28).