Answer to the claim; “Why were Quran and the other Holy Books sent to the Middle East?

Answer to the claim; “Why were Quran and the other Holy Books sent to the Middle EastThe claim that the religions which are believed by the people today and their prothets were sent to the Middle East and that there was no such an endeavour in the other regions of the world is in fact one of the most wrong evaluations being made. Allah says in his book that he has chosen prothets in order to advice all of the nations on earth regarding the one and only religion:

In every nation, we sent a prophet who said ‘Worship ALLAH and refrain from paganism,’ ALLAH showed the right path to some of them, and some of them insisted on the wrong path. Wander in the earth and see the end of those who controverted.

Nahl Surah 36.Verse


According to this verse, prophets were not just sent to the Middle Eastern earth and all nations were invited to the right path. It is s sociological necessity that most of the prophets were sent to this region of the world because the civilisations were formed here and most of the world’s population was found here. This fact does not mean that other regions of the world were not notified. The 25 prophets mentioned in Quran were really sent to the relevant region. But Quran also states that there are prophets whose names are not mentioned in Quran.

We told you about some of the prophets previously; but we did not mention some of them. 

Nisa Surah 164.Verse

Accordingly, Allah has sent many prophets whose names were not mentioned in Quran. Besides, the regions and nations of these prophets are also not determined. It is possible that those prophets lived in regions other that the Middle East. We may reach this information which is not mentioned in Quran only by archaeological investigations and reasoning.

A lot of researchers, claim that the source of many religions believed in regions other than the Middle East today is the oneness principle. It is thought that Buddhism was a religion of oneness at the beginning and that it was degenerated after death of Buddha. The below mentioned verse containing words of Allah can be taken as a sign to this claim.

The olive and fig,

The Mount Sinai,

And the safe city Makah;

TİN Surah 1,2,3. Verses

In this verse, the olive symbolizes Jesus, Mount Sinai Moses and the safe city symbolizes Prophet Mohammed. The fig symbolizes Buddha whom is mentioned in the Buddhist inscriptions that he found the right path under a fig tree. There are also some claims that both Socrates and the Aztec King Kukulkan,  taking into consideration the changes they made in their views and nations they lived in, were prophets appointed to spread the religion of oneness of Allah. (Allah knows the only truth).

Even if it is not like that, it is mentioned in the book of Allah that those people who were not notified will not be punished.

Your God does not the nations unless He sends them prophets who notify them about our words. We never destroy nations who are not cruel.

KASAS Surah 59. Verse

We do not punish anyone unless we send a prophet.

İSRA Surah 15.Verse