Answer to the Claim that Subjects are Disorderly in Quran

Answer to the Claim that Subjects are Disorderly in QuranSome people criticize the fact that while a subject is being mentioned in Quran suddenly another subject comes into play and then it is returned to the former subject once more and they even go further and claim that the subjects are disorderly in Quran.

Is it like that in reality or is there a superior narration feature, art and mathematical order?

First of all Quran is not just a science book, legal book or book of morals. Quran is a divine guide that leads people to the right way. There are principles in Quran that arrange the relation between creator and human, human and human, human and universe. The main target of Quran is to show the people by educating and informing them. Other information is just secondary used to explain and support the main subject.

A verse in Quran thought to be directly related with the subject may directly or indirectly have a relation with many other subjects. When the subjects are found in many verses you cannot consume them. Just as the numbers, you may form a telephone number with ten digits ordered under a certain discipline while endless telephone numbers may be created by ten functional digits having no any certain order. Quran is not an ordinary book that explains a matter by the order of introduction-development-result. It mostly consists of a perfect way of learning. So Quran is not one of the ordinary books that we read.

Quran is an educational book. The order of subjects in Quran directly leads you into the life and tells you about life, as if you have worked on a project. For instance it teaches us the way deniers think. So that we can know the people who are in the same psychology and keep ourselves away of them. If the subjects were mentioned in Quran under a certain category, it would not give the effect mentioned in the verses below;

“He forgot his creation and asked us a question: “Who will revive the bones after being decayed?” (Yasin 36:78)

The polytheists will say: “If Allah wanted neither we nor our ancestors would not be polytheists, and nothing would be unlawful…” (Enam 6:148)

…shall we feed the people who Allah would have fed if he wanted? You are in a clear confusion. (Yasin 36:47)

If you take care, you will find within the same verse the way polytheists think, the answers that should be given to them, many different subjects just as in the real life such as how should we behave against them. We also learn to link the life we live in this world with the eternal life.

Many verses in Quran contain the same way of expression. When you really concentrate on the verses, you will see that the subjects you read in the verses are really parts of your life and that you will face these subjects with the perspective you gain from these verses.

Quran is a living thing. It mentions about various situations you face in life and gives the human a perspective regarding life. Almost all of its verses are related with life.

It is not enough to just review a subject in order to understand it in Quran. You have to review the whole Quran. You cannot understand a part of it without understanding the whole. Although it seems like a paradox, when you understand a small part of it; you understand it all. Just as life.

A book prepared according to a certain systematic can never effect the mind and souls of a human like Quran.

Allah teaches and explains us the Quran. Quran is the most suitable book for the nature of a human being. As Allah mentions in his verses; we have to read Quran without hurrying up, part by part and by thinking at the same time.

As seen, the verses mentioned in various surahs of Quran may contain parts of a different subject. The nature is also disorderly; but just as bringing together different elements in a laboratory in order to fulfill a target, the Quran verses are also materials ready to be processed as parts of any kind of subject. This divine order that seems disorderly at the first look, is an order that has the talent of endless formation and is an endless blessing.