Answer to the Claim that says Hz. Muhammad Wrote War Verses to Obtain Power and Leadership

When the Prophet notified his tribe that he is a messenger and started to disclose the verses, leaders of the tribe saw him in a « disoriented, deviated, mentally incompetent » situation ; and said that who follows him is a fool. They rejected following the Prophet and set forth their loyalty to the traditions they had learned from their ancestors as justification. What their religion of their ancestors ordered them and what did the Prophet Muhammad forbid them?

Polygamy in the polytheistic system was legitimate. However, Hz. Muhammad brought marriage limits, recommending monogamy. In the polytheistic system, the girls were buried alive. However, Hz. Muhammad prohibited the burial of girls. The polytheists had slaves. However, Hz. Muhammad said that one who chose Islam was equal to the other; superiority is not determined by race or kin but devotion. And he informed that the slaves of the polytheists were to be freed by paying their owners. He reported that the slave and the master were of the same status in Islam …

Of course, the religion that Muhammad communicated was upsetting the system of the polytheists. For this reason, material and spiritual oppression began to be applied to the prophet and the ones on his side. For this reason, the believers had to emigrate. However, the attacks continued and when their life and property were put at risk and the other side wage war, fighting for defense purposes became a right.

Permission is given to those who are fought against, and God is Able to give them victory. (al-Hajj Surah, 39)

Hz. Muhammad did not fight to gain power and authority or force Islam to be accepted contrary to what atheists claim. He had to fight against the oppression applied to him to defend his life and his goods because of his idea. For instance, in the at-Tawbah Surah verse 5 which is brought into attention many times by atheists, it is said that you can kill polytheists who violates the agreement and kill Muslims except the forbidden months. It is said that, « but if they want security, secure them and see them off to their destinations ». If Prophet Muhammad wrote the Qur’an, would he say forgive and see the polytheist off to their homes if these polytheists who attempted against his life, properties, honor appealed for mercy? Wouldn’t this order cause insurgency?

Also, in an-Nisa Surah verse 101 and 102, Allah says “cut half your prayers and pray in turns”. Wouldn’t someone who wants to gain power say a verse that delays prayers if he wrote the Qur’an? Why would he risk his and his followers’ lives?