Answer to some of the Shia who claim that the verses regarding Ahl al-Bayt (Family of the Prophet Mohammed) were deleted later on

In some ecoles of the Shii belief world, there are unconscionable and illogical claims saying that in the past there were verses about the family of Prophet Mohammed (Ahl al-Bayt) and his followers and that these verses were deleted later on especially at the era of Calipha Ali.

According to this claim of a small and marginal section of the Shii world, the Quran used to consist of 10.000 verses and today’s Quran does not consist of the verses regarding Ahl al-Bayt and Shia as a result of the Shii-Sunni conflict that was brought up after the death of Prophet Mohammed and during the era of the Caliphas.

This pervert belief concentrates on the above mentioned claim goes forward and maintains this hatred and lies until today via many untrue epics.

If this claim was true, first of all there would be just one Quran written in this form and preserved by the Shias. Secondly, even if these so claimed Quran copies were deleted, there had to be verses proving this claim in the old copies of Quran recently found out.

What is the status in reality?…..
This claim that does not lean on any proof and is both unconscionable and illogical has taken its place in the historical garbage just as the other untrue orientalist claims after finding out in this century many Quran copies scientifically proven to have the dates before the mentioned time.

In tens of Quran copies and fragments survived until today on which Carbon tests were made, the Quran that belongs to the dates before the mentioned dates even is JUST as same as today’s Quran.

Answer to some of the Shia who claim that the verses regarding Ahl al-Bayt (Family of the Prophet Mohammed) were deleted later on
Especially the tests made in many European universities certainly prove this fact. In the fragments that were reviewed in Tuebingen and Lieben universities and the SANA Quran which was found out to be 90% COMPLETE clearly state that Quran has reached today in a protected form just as Allah promised and will stay so until the judgement day.

Other than that, we see the same results in historical Qurans found in Taskent, Topkapi Palace, Cairo, ISEM etc…

The thing the Shia who came up with this claim have to do is evaluating the scientific data, give up their perverseness and believe in Quran with a complete faith.

Those who would like to have technical information about this subject may review the article called ‘’Answer to Orientalist Claims 1’’ available at this site. Soon our site called where more detailed information is available will be established.

Certainly we sent the Quran; so we shall protect it. (15/Hicr Surah 9. Verse)