An example of Atheist nonsesn “Why Qur’an Doesn’t Include the Word ‘Snow’”

An example of Atheist nonsesn “Why Qur’an Doesn’t Include the Word ‘Snow’” There is no contradiction in Qur’an / 21 December 2016

Another claim which constitutes an example regarding insincere claims of malevolent people who are searching for contradictions in Qur’an, the word of Allah, even in the simplest subjects…

According to the claim; “Hz. Muhammed wrote the Qur’an and since there is not snow in Arabian Peninsula, the Qur’an didn’t refer to nature events such as « snow, hail, frost. »

Let’s look at this subject in the Qur’an in which we are acouraged to think by « still won’t you think » sentence in nearly eighty verse and we are notified saying « we simplify it ; »

An-Nur Surah 43rd Verse,

Have you not seen how Allah propels the clouds, then brings them together, then piles them into a heap, and you see rain drops emerging from its midst? How He brings down loads of hail from the sky, from mountain like clouds, striking with it whomever He wills, and diverting it from whomever He wills? The flash of its lightning almost snatches the sight away.

12. el vedka : rain 13. yahrucu : emerging 14. min hılâli-hi : from its midst 15. ve yunezzilu : brings down 16. min es semâi : from the sky 17. min cibâlin : mountain 18. fî-hâ : it 19. MİN BEREDİN : FROST, HAIL 20. fe yusîbu : striking with it

As the verse implies, the word “min beredin” means “hail, ice”. It is evidence for the invalidity and insincerity of the claim that “hail” is mentioned in the Holy Book that descends into the region where a climate with no snowfall is dominant. Even if the word “hail” did not

written in the Qur’an, this situation cannot be taken as an example of claiming any contradiction in the Qur’an as it does not validate the claim that the Qur’an is written by the Prophet Muhammad.

As a result, the arguments used by present-day atheists are based on such irrational and corrupt issues is a clear evidence that their sole purpose is to slander the Qur’an as they don’t question in order to reach the truth.